Ciliatech’s glaucoma implant CID receives favorable opinion on treating both open and narrow angle forms of disease

First independent observations, presented by Dr. Leon Au, leading consultant ophthalmology and eye surgeon, during ICGS 2024 in Abu Dhabi, underscore CID’s strong potential as treatment option for glaucoma

  • Substantial IOP lowering effect from stand-alone procedure
  • Surgical placement of suprachoroidal device without penetrating anterior chamber of eye, irrespective of patients’ eye angle
  • First of its kind procedure for angle closure glaucoma which doesn’t require taking out patients’ lens, a significant benefit

Chavanod (near Annecy), France, April 24, 2024 – Ciliatech, an innovative medtech company focusing on the treatment of glaucoma, today announces a favorable third-party opinion of its glaucoma surgical implant CID (Cilioscleral Interposition Device), delivered in a recent presentation at ICGS 2024 by Dr. Leon Au, of the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, UK, a world-renowned consultant ophthalmologist and leading figure in glaucoma.

In his presentation ‘Looking into the pipeline: New Devices’ at the 12th International Congress of Glaucoma Surgery (ICGS) in Abu Dhabi last week, Dr. Au commented on the early three-year clinical results that Ciliatech has been conducting on CID (first- and second-generation glaucoma implants) since 2021:

“Ciliatech’s device is as new as it gets. Regardless of the patient’s eye angle we would be putting in a suprachoroidal device without penetrating the anterior chamber of the eye. The results show a pretty substantial IOP lowering effect from a stand-alone procedure. This seems to be the only thing out there that is equally efficacious in angle closure glaucoma [in addition to open angle glaucoma]. If this holds true, we will now have a procedure for angle closure glaucoma which doesn’t require taking out a patient’s lens. It’s quite a big thing for us to have a new device for this group of patients.”

A poster entitled ‘18-Month Outcomes of CID SV-22, a novel Cilioscleral Interposition Device for Patients with Open-Angle and Narrow-Angle Glaucoma’ by principal investigator Dr. Lilit Voskanyan, ophthalmologist, MD, PhD and head of the glaucoma department in ophthalmology at the Malayan Center in Yerevan, was also presented at ICGS.

ICGS poster highlights

The poster displayed results highlighting powerful Intraocular Pressure (IOP) lowering of 8.7mm of mercury. This represents a ‘statistically and clinically meaningful’ 37% reduction from baseline IOP. Of equal significance, up to 80% of patients no longer needed IOP lowering medications and CID was equally effective in Primary Open Angle Glaucoma (POAG) and Primary Narrow Angle Glaucoma (PNAG). Results showed that safety was just as impressive with no filtering blebs observed during the 18-month period; neither adjunctive therapies nor additional incisional surgeries were needed. No serious adverse events were reported.

“Ciliatech is thrilled to have, for the first time, a world-renowned glaucoma surgeon independently perform an in-person review of our CID device and present these

observations to a global audience of glaucoma surgeons,” said Olivier Benoit, CEO at Ciliatech.

ICGS, a biennial event, is an important surgically focused congress where deep scientific exchanges and updates are discussed amongst world-leading glaucoma surgeons.

“At our ICGS booth, surgeons commented on CID’s innovative concept coupled with a straightforward implantation technique. Alongside the clinical outcomes, such as those evidenced by Dr. Au’s presentation and the poster, CID promises to be a valuable addition to the glaucoma surgeon’s toolbox. CID has so far been enrolled in a series of four clinical studies entitled ‘SAFARI’, with a fifth trial planned to start later this year,” said Sahil Syed, global VP glaucoma at Ciliatech.

Ciliatech is currently working closely with authorities to seek regulatory approvals for CID ahead of planned commercial launches in key global markets.

About Ciliatech

Ciliatech is an innovative medtech company focusing on the treatment of glaucoma – a disease that affects 80 million people worldwide. Its groundbreaking Cilioscleral Interposition Device (‘CID’) will be the first proprietary glaucoma device that treats both the open and narrow angle forms of glaucoma. Clinical trial follow-up of patients implanted with the device is now reaching the three-year mark; demonstrating highly positive results in robust IOP lowering coupled with a very high safety profile. Multiple clinical trials of the second-generation CID are in progress, whilst the company is actively pursuing regulatory approvals. CID’s bespoke surgical implantation technique – facilitating external placement into the supraciliary space of the eye without ever entering the eye’s anterior chamber – sets it apart from other glaucoma procedures.

Co-founded in 2017 by ophthalmic surgeon and inventor Philippe Sourdille, and Olivier Benoit, a veteran engineer and biotech entrepreneur, Ciliatech has to date raised €6m ($6.5m) and is expanding its scientific, medical and commercial team. The company is located near Annecy, France.

Legal disclaimer: Ciliatech products are currently not available for sale pending regulatory approvals.

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